Not many things can kill a company overnight. But data loss and business interruption can cost you thousands and put you out of business in a matter of hours.

On-site backups


When it comes to on-site recovery, it’s all about speed. With traditional tape backups, restoring your operations could take days. With our Backup & Disaster Recovery Device, we can recover your data in minutes, failover entire servers in less than 1 hour, and even restore your business data should your office burn to the ground.

Switchfast also protects your on-site backups from advanced ransomware, which has begun to target external hard drives and the backups stored on them, in addition to your production data.

On-site backups


Over-the-wire backups protect your business from even the most crippling disasters. Switchfast can send your data to multiple geographically isolated data centers, which have protections including redundant power, heating/cooling, and Internet connectivity.

Your data is encrypted during the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being intercepted or stolen.